Weigh In Wednesday


I’m down about 1.2 pounds this week. I’m happy with that, but I am sooo ready to see those 130s again. I just want to smash through that 145 mark. I think that will be a huge mental milestone for me.

So how have I been doing? Good I guess. I got a few workouts in last week and I was relatively good on the diet. I definitely splurged a little in Sunday….it was my birthday after all. I’m pretty sure if there was ever a reason to eat cake, that would be it.

I have been really good with my food during the week, and making better snack choices once home. We don’t have junk in the house, so I really don’t even do dessert anymore.

Except for Friday. I have to have dessert on Friday. And it has to be Sweet Frog. Dulce de Leche with sea salt, light cool whip, and a little bit of caramel. Just enough to cover the bottom of a small cup is all I need. As long as I get my weekly Sweet Frog fix, all is right with the world.

Taylor operates on the same principle. He is now independent to operate the froyo machines. He fills his large cup with childhood staples…blue cotton candy, pink lemonade, strawberry and cake batter (this is all the same container). He tops it with sour patch kids, gummy worms, rainbow sprinkles, and m&ms. He has a very refined palette. And he might have a weight loss blog if his own due to his poor parental guidance.

Fortunately for him, he likes moon bouncing way more than me, so he can expend those extra calories way more efficiently than his momma.

Speaking of calorie expenditure, that’s my goal for this week. Four workouts, seven diet days. I’m tired of these 140s.

See ya on the sales next week!


Wish In One Hand

Sh*t in the other, as my mother always used to say. Guess which one fills up first?

My strategy of wishing to be fit and healthy does not seem to be working out for me.

I haven’t been blogging. I haven’t really been tracking what I’m eating. And, I definitely hadn’t been exercising. The good news is the scale hasn’t moved much. The bad news is the scale hasn’t moved much.

So, I guess it really doesn’t matter why I haven’t been focused. I could give you a laundry list of excuses. But, the deal is…I want to lose these last 15 or so pounds and I’m going to have to face some facts if I want to do it.

Here’s what I need to face:

1. My kids don’t sleep at night. I will never be ‘rested’
2. Doug travels for work. It’s his job, it’s how we enjoy a comfortable life. Most work weeks I’m a single momma.
3. I have to work. It’s my job, it’s how we enjoy a comfortable life. I will always work…and let’s face it, if you have to work, it’s not a bad gig.
4. Healthy food is not as delicious as non-healthy food. I already ate non-healthy food, more than my fair share. It was awesome, but now I have to eat the good stuff, no matter how bad it tastes
5. Diets happen even on weekends. The scale doesn’t care if it’s Tuesday or Saturday. I have to eat right all the time.
6. Exercise can happen at any time. If it’s 9 at night, and I haven’t exercised, it still burns just as much calories as if I had done it earlier.
7. It’s time to adjust my points. Waaaah! I’m not nursing as much. I’m not burning the same amount of calories. Down we go. But in the plus side, I’m not being “milked” 4 times per day anymore.

Ugh, sometimes I hate reality.

I have roughly seven weeks until my vacation. During vacation, my son stays in a pool basically from sunrise to sunset. That means, me in a bathing suit, all day everyday of my vacation. Does not sound appealing at the moment.

Seven weeks, 10 pounds. That’s my goal. Very attainable. I already have two days of points counting and one workout under my belt this week.

Here we go.



Ahhh! A moment of quiet and peace. Baby girl just had her bottle and now she’s trying to drift off to sleep.

This weekend, I sort of dieted. And by that I mean I didn’t totally pig out. But I did have some treats.

Saturday we did a girls trip to St. Micheals for a wine tasting (thanks to my sister in law). Once we got over the logistics part of bringing family together from 4 different states, it was actually very nice.

I treated myself to some wine, a couple scoops of low fat ice cream and even a MD crab cake and fries…I mean I am a Maryland girl after all.

I did better food wise on Sunday…making more of an effort to cut calories even though we were again with family celebrating my father in laws bday.

My proudest accomplishment was just getting in some exercise…both days!

Yesterday, I got up at 6 am (my pump was calling me, we needed each other desperately). I thought Id pump, drink my coffee and get a workout DVD in, all before my mom responsibilities started. Silly me…look who was up to watch me swing around my kettlebell…


But, even though thing 1 and thing 2 were up at 6:15, I still got my workout in!

Then, today when I woke up I realized we were out of everything needed to make coffee. I have no idea how this happened on my watch. So while baby girl had breakfast, I mapped my run. From my house to the grocery store and back…3 miles. Perfect!

I bundled up Ro in her Patagonia and strapped her into the green monster and off we went for a brisk early morning jog.

45 minutes later it was 9 am, I had my coffee in hand and three miles under my belt. Not too shabby.

I’m looking forward to another crazy week with the hubs out if town for work. While I’m not very good at it, my confidence in my ability to make time for exercise is increasing. Just making a little time for myself keeps me motivated to continue making the effort!

Weigh In Wednesday

So, I just realized I never published last weeks Weigh In Wednesday Post. I wrote it, but I guess I never hit the publish button. That’s what happens when you blog in 5 minute increments from 3 different devices.

Here is what my best friend showed me last week:


And here’s what I wrote:

Yaaaaaaaay! I’m down 2lbs from last week. Feels so good to have that number moving, and moving in the right direction again. I knew I had hit a plateau. Exercise was what I needed to make a breakthrough to the next level, and I just wasn’t making time for it. Since last Wednesday, I have gotten in 3 runs and 3 kettle bell workouts. I’m going to change this body!

And here’s what that that traitor showed me this week:


And here’s what I have to say about that:

Booooooo! I’ve been exercising and watching what I eat. I did not expect that slap in the face. But, sometimes these things happen. I’ve just got to keep working because unfortunately, I don’t have the cash for mommy makeover.  Trust me, I’ve looked into it.

If I look back and critically think about what I ate, I’ll admit it…I didn’t eat the right things all the time. I did exercise, most days, so no regrets there. This is crunch time and if I want to drop that last 20, I know I need to be 100% honest with my points tracking 100% of the time. So, here’s looking forward to a better dieting week. I was hoping to do a little exercise today, but as I posted before, I am manning the ship solo this week, and it’s already been quite adventurous. I’m thinking I’m going to help little man to bed and then do some yoga to turn off my mind before I hit the sack. Thank god I have 20 more weeks to hit my mark!

Dumb Sh*t

So, today I was all set to sit down and get all bragadocious on how I’ve been working out. I mean, it’s Last Chance Tuesday, I’m supposed to be writing about exercising.

But, here’s the thing, though I did in fact exercise multiple times this past week, what I’ve got on my mind tonight is not my physical accomplishments, but my mental ineptitude.

I think we all know that having children kills brain cells. Pre-kids, I kind of had it together, but was known to do ditsy things. For example, the day after my wedding, I ran my new car into my new husband’s new car while he checked out of our hotel room.  This was witnessed by half our wedding guests through the windows of the glass-enclosed the lobby. Good thing we had exchanged those vows the night before!

Since having children, my everyday cognition has taken a significant hit. I have learned what happens when you microwave a metal container. I have developed a ‘special’ relationship with the managers at the Centreville Giant, as I have gone grocery shopped more than once without my wallet. I have shown up one month early for well check visits at the pediatricians. The list goes on and on.

I just can’t keep it all straight. This is what my foyer looks like every night before I go to bed.


I do all this to get a head start on the morning responsibilities. This week, not only did I set out five days worth of clothing (including exercise gear) for me, and two kids Sunday night. But, I also made five days worth of lunches for me and the kids and threw those into the fridge so I could just grab and go. Even with all this prep work, I’m still up till 11 at night and awake before the sun comes up.

I’m trying so hard on a daily basis, just to not be the lady that leaves one of her kids strapped in their car seat while she works, that I seem to have developed an eye twitch. It’s beyond irritating because it’s not my eyelid, it’s my actual eyeball. It’s not affecting my vision, but it just feels like my eyeball has been doing pushups all morning. It wants a rest. I want to wear an eye patch just to give it a break.

Today, here is the list of stupid s that I did:

1. Make list of my weekly schedule, email it to teacher so that she is aware of any changes. I will see my first student in her classroom in one hour. Then I proceed to loose track of time during a group activity, read the clock wrong (I need to revisit big hand little hand) and arrive 10 minutes late to the appointment I had literally just scheduled with said teacher.

2. While pumping, I reminded myself three times to put the smaller collection bottle on my underproducer, and the larger one on my cow udder. (why I continuously grab this small bottle, I have no idea). Ten minutes later, I’m listening to the horrifying squelching sound as milk pours all over my dress and leggings. I’m trying to disentable myself from tubing and a hands free pumping bra to stop the flow. Damage was already done.

3. Ten minutes late to dentist, despite poor dentist’s attempts via phone calls, email and text to remind me of my appointment. Once there, I apologize for being late. I’m given the quote for today’s work. That is another post altogether. Let’s just say after years and years in the no cavity club, I need a lot of work done…What I heard was ‘and today’s total will be one thousand six hundred dollars.’ I had been quoted something like 1400, so I’m all…wait a second, please explain the difference. They aren’t going to pull one over on me!  The nice receptionist looks at me like a crazy woman but walks me through the bill. Then says, I normally don’t have to explain when things are less than anticipated. Ohhh, one thousand sixty dollars. I literally need to revisit place value. Gotcha, I’m a doof.

4. Lastly, and most horrifically comes my afternoon walk with the kids. Ever since finding the bluebells, all I have wanted to do was throw my kids in the sea of flowers and take some spring time photos. So, I rounded up the fam and off we went on a nature walk with the camera.

After our photo shoot, I noticed Ro had sampled quite a few of the purple blossoms. Had to do a finger sweep of her mouth and got a stem, a flower, and a couple little leaves out of there. In the car on the way to dinner, I thought…hmmm I wonder if I should be worried about Rowan eating those flowers? I had Doug Google it while I piloted the grocery getter, and what do you know? Yes! Doug reports, they are poisonous. And apparently they symbolize death, because people used to put them on grave sites.

Commence panic attack. Once stopped I conducted my own Google search that was far less alarming. Doug forgot to give me some important details. Like that she would have to have eaten a boatload of bulbs before she got sick, and even then, we are talking about some simple tummy troubles.

So, while a major crisis was averted, I couldn’t help but kick myself for not thinking about that sooner. But, moving on, this is my new life. I just add it to my list.

So, here’s to tomorrow and here’s hoping I can wake up and get my workout in, and get through the day without pulling a Clark Griswald with the family pet.

Here’s a look at my beautiful children among the little evil poison flowers this evening.



Eff U Terrorists

Tonight I went on a peaceful run with baby girl.  I had planned on going for a jog this evening just to get my daily dose of physical activity.  But, after I heard the horrible news on the radio on my ride home, my run took on new meaning.  I wanted to run for all those who didn’t get to finish that race, and for all those that may never run again.  I just wanted to pound pavement, feel my muscles ache and burn, and work up a good hot sweat on the cool evening.  I didn’t have a route in mind tonight, I usually go by time.  Today, my feet and blaring iPod took me to a trail by my house.  It runs along a creek bordering our neighborhood.  The path was not super crowded today (but I could always see people…a must when out and about solo cause I’m a scaredey-cat).  At half way point in my run, I paused Eminem on my phone (Not Afraid – how appropriate for today) and snapped this shot.  


You see, the bluebells are blooming all along the creek that runs by the path.  They are beautiful, like a blanket of periwinkle.  I just want to go lay in them and look up at the clouds and breathe in spring.  And I would, if I wasn’t terrified of ticks.  So for today, I just snapped a pic and said a prayer for peace and healing.  And I said a prayer for my babies who I fear for in this crazy world.

After my moment of reflection, I cranked the volume up on my iPad and let Eminem drown out my fear and drive these tired legs home.